C04 - Chair & Bench
C04 is a solid wood seating set that includes a bench and chair. Design combines classic and contemporary design. Material: Ash
t03 - Table Series
T03 – Table Series is a set of three tables. Table set includes 2 different sized coffee tables and bar table. t03 tables were part of the Habitare 2020 furniture fair protoshop exhibition. Material: Ash Photos: Mikko Hannula, Aleksi Peltonen
Patterns is texture study. It includes numerous different pattern experiments on wood surfaces. Photos: Aleksi Peltonen
Carrier is made in collaboration with the Aalto University and Fiskars Group. Carrier is stackable box which works as a sales or rental package. Carrier includes all the necessary kitchenware, and it works also as a tray, cutting board and drying rack. The concept is specifically targeted for the first homes, and all kind of contemporary housing. It was presented to the public at Helsinki Design Weeks. Materials: Biocomposite, steel, wood Photos: Esa Naukkarinen
Seaweed Materials
Seaweed-based material research. Experiments were based on different kind of bioplastics and composite made from seaweed. Collaborations with: Linnea Kilpi, Paul Flanders, Jaea Chang, Karla Zeuthen, Talisa Dwiyani
Fungal based materials
Material research on fungal-based materials. In addition to materials research, the work includes prototypes of ceiling light, acoustic panels and biodegradable pots. Photos: Antti Turunen
Clamp is a modular, stepless adjustable shelf system. The system is easy to assemble, dismantle or expand when more storage space is needed. Concept won the 1st place in EcoDesign awards at Habitare - Interior, Design & Furniture Fair 2017. Photos: Ninni Vidgren
Black Series
Black Series - Lightning concept for Nortern Lightning Awards 2017. Concept won the 1st place.
Freely blown glass in the Nuutajärvi Glass Village. Made with glassblower by pressing hot glass with cork pads. Glassblower: Sani Lappalainen Photo: Ninni Vidgren